Friday of the Second Week of Advent

December 13, 2019

Is 48:17-19/Mt 11:16-19 (185)

In today’s gospel Jesus speaks of violating the expectations of the world.  Christ points to both John the Baptist and Himself and notes that the world around them mocks them, finds them weird, and questions their choices.  

It’s serves as a relevant parallel to the life of a Christian over two thousand years later. 

While the modern Christmas season is consumed with a drive toward buying more and comparing ourselves to others to make sure we have enough, the Christian in Advent is called toward simplicity and focusing on others.  While the modern world pushes every new convenience and luxury to bring comfort and joy to us in this world, the Christian uses Advent to prepare for the next, to remember that our true comfort and joy is with God in heaven, and we must use this season to make ourselves – our very souls – ready for the coming of Christ. 

That kind of preparation and focus is not what most of our world looks for, and if we truly engage in that work, we risk looking weird and having others question our choices.  But we must have the hope that faith gives us. We must press ever forward, often against the culture of our time, striving to make ourselves worthy of the promises of Christ in this season. 


Josh Hengemuhle, Ed.D. 
Assistant Dean of Students 
Dean of Students Office