First Friday of Advent

December 6, 2018 / By: Danielle Hermanny

Is 29:17-24/Mt 9:27-31

Jesus’ words to the two blind men resonate this week, as many of us are likely looking at the countless demands of the next few weeks and asking ourselves, “do I believe that I can do this?” In the midst of meetings and papers and deadlines, it is easy to find ourselves isolated and alone, thinking that is the only way to get it all done.

 The Gospel reading today reminds us of two important things: the power of faith, and the gift of help from others. The blind men call out to Jesus for help, and he asks them just one simple question: “Do you believe that I can do this?” That question requires only their full-hearted “Yes, Lord,” to have their eyes opened. The two blind men asked for help and accepted it when offered. The grace, humility, and faith they showed was rewarded. And yet, in our own lives, it can be so hard to ask for help; to surrender ourselves to faith or the kindness of friends and family, and to put our trust in God.

This season may be notorious in communities like ours for the stress of finals, papers, and everything that goes with them. But those important things should not drown out what the season is meant to highlight: the power of love and community; the call out of darkness and into light. May these coming weeks be ones where we look up long enough to see the grace and peace of God in the eyes and actions of those around us. And may we also choose to be that grace and peace for every person we encounter.

Danielle Hermanny
Title IX Coordinator