Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

December 5, 2017 / By: Sarah Farnes

Is 11:1-10/Lk 10:21-24

As Christmas approaches, we are getting ready with decorations, Christmas music, cookie baking, and opening the windows on our Advent calendars. In each home, kids and adults alike have started counting down to Christmas. But l hope that this year we can all remind ourselves that Christmas is not a point of arrival, but rather is a call for openness and a point of departure.

Christmas is a call for an openness towards God’s presence in our lives. His gift at Christmas is the manifestation of His eternal love. We are each created in His image and likeness and are called to love as He loves. 

Christmas is also a point of departure. We must understand that Christmas does not come, Christmas starts. 

For too many of us, we busy ourselves with preparations for Christmas celebrations. We worry about decorating the house just right, updating the dinner menu, and buying the last of the needed gifts. We are filled with holiday cheer and generosity. Then, Christmas Day arrives and before we know it, the day and festivities are gone. 

But in reality, everything should start from Christmas. Jesus did not come so everything would remain as it was before His advent. He came into our midst to change everything; and specially to change our lives. By Christmas we are born again, the world is renewed, and just as the priest says during the Holy Mass, it is, “through Him, in Him and within Him…” My friends, Christmas is a time that should awaken us; our life, our heart. It is our heart that grows, and heals, and makes us true Christmas lights where we can love, just as He loves.

So let us get ready for this departure point, and try counting the days after Christmas.


Sarah Farness

Program Manager, Office for Spirituality