Nativity of the Lord

December 25, 2017 / By: Dr. Julie Sullivan

Is 52-7-10, Heb 1:1-6, John 1:1-18

Rejoice! Rejoice! The darkness is no more.  For today, a great light shines upon the earth.  The true light, which enlightens everyone, has come into the world.  Emmanuel has come

What we celebrate today is more than the historical event of the baby Jesus being born.  We celebrate the significance of his birth, which is the mystery of the Incarnation.  When God became incarnate, took on flesh, all of creation was affected and would never be the same. All of us share the divine life brought by Jesus.  The grace of His love, the mercy of His forgiveness, and the promise of everlasting life has come into the world and is accessible to all. 

 It is a time of celebration! It also is a time to remind ourselves of the purpose of our earthly lives.  For, the mystery of the Incarnation becomes visible when we put our faith into action.  It becomes visible when Christ’s presence in our hearts is apparent in all of our actions.  It becomes visible when we evaluate all of our actions in terms of the welfare and rights of others and our love of God.

 My prayer for you is that you be truly blessed in your life and your work.  May you know the joy of Mary and Joseph, the wonder of the shepherds, and the peace of the Christ Child who brings meaning and purpose to our lives.


Julie Sullivan,