Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent

December 14, 2016 / By: Fr. Jan Michael Joncas
From deep within a prison cell
a prophet prayed and pondered
God's high command, his destiny,
the pathways he had wandered,
until his thoughts to Jesus turned
and on his meaning hovered:
"Are you the One who is to come
or should we seek another?"
The answer Jesus gave to John
evokes his kingdom's blessings:
"The blind find sight, the deaf gain sound,
and lepers, cleansed, caressing:
the lame leap up, the dead are raised,
the poor proclaimed as brothers --
Am I the One who is to come,
or should you seek another?"
John's question haunts our questing hearts,
down centuries still spoken:
What difference does this Jesus make
within a world so broken?
With greed and hate and violence
so easy to discover
is he the One who is to come
or should we seek another?
Though blinded eyes refuse God's light
it shines on through the darken.
Though deafened hearts resist God's word
it sounds in holy starkness.
And when we act in faithful hope
God's future to uncover
we serve the One who is to come;
we do not seek another.
For ev'ry act of suff'ring love
reveals our God in Jesus,
who donned our death that we might live,
who rescues us and frees us.
So help us, help our unbelief,
you, unrelenting Lover:
you are the One who is to come.
How could we seek another?
(from Within Our Hearts Be Born. The Michael Joncas Hymnary: Advent and Christmas)