Seventh Day of the Octave of Christmas

December 31, 2016 / By: Kate Salvatore

Today is New Year's Eve, the day when many people are polishing up their New Year's resolutions.

I used to make New Year’s resolutions. Usually by about February, they would be forgotten or left by the wayside. Then when I thought about those broken resolutions I would berate and beat myself up for this failure.

Then I came across the passage below. As I thought about it, I realized this was a good way to look at each New Year, each new job, and each new adventure. I can set goals for myself knowing that things may come into my path along the way which may alter the final goal/destination. If I embrace these changes, I can still reach my goal and possibly have a more self-fulfilling experience and year.

As you journey through life,
Choose your destinations well,
But do not hurry for you will arrive soon enough.
Wander the backroads of forbidden paths,
Keeping your destinations in your heart,
Like the fixed points of a compass.

Seek out new visions, strange sights,
And ideas foreign to your own;
Such things are riches for your soul.

And if upon arrival you find your destination,
To be not exactly as you had dreamed,
Do not be disappointed.

Think of all you would have missed but for the journey there,
And know that the true worth of your travels,
Lies not where you come to be at journey’s end,
But in who you come to be, and the difference you make along the way.


I wish for you, and your family a Happy, Healthy New Year’s journey.

Kate Salvatore, Office Manager, Center for Ministry