Christmas Weekday - Friday

January 6, 2017 / By: Michael Sarafolean

My Dad, may he rest in God’s peace, often thought I was a little slow putting things together, things that he thought were perfectly obvious.  I can’t say he was incorrect. 

Today’s Gospel Acclamation has the heavens opening and the voice of the Father thundering: “This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him!”  OK, even I would understand that.  So why don’t I get those big clues?  

Perhaps you, too, have prayed that God would be more explicit regarding what exactly you are expected to be doing here in this lifetime.  The sky rending--God speaking directly to me--the Holy Spirit appearing in the form of a dove; I am certain if I experienced that I would no longer doubt what God was calling me to do. 

But maybe God already has and is speaking to me through God’s Word.  The Old Testament prophets were pretty clear:  “The Lord has told us what is good and what the Lord requires of you: Only to do justice and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)

And Jesus himself was quite clear that the Two Great Commandments pretty much give us all we need to know about how to live.  And if you were wondering who your neighbor is, he covered that for us as well.  Oh yeah: “This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him!”  

Perhaps I need to stop looking for God’s thundering voice and instead, sit quietly and listen to God’s soft, clear invitation to love God, love my neighbors, and act with justice.  That, I can do.  Sit quietly.  Listen.  In gratitude. 

Thanks, Dad.

Michael J Sarafolean, Adjunct Instructor, Schulze School of Entrepreneurship