Overnight Retreats


First Year Retreat

Get your St. Thomas journey off to a good start by joining the First Year Retreat. Invite God in and integrate faith into your college life. Join us for a great time of prayer, sharing, and fellowship as we explore how we might more fully invite God into all aspects of college life. This overnight retreat offers an opportunity to deepen your relationship with God and form new relationships with others.

First Year Retreat - First Year Retreat


This retreat is designed to experience God’s presence in our lives and to recognize how every moment of our lives is God’s time. Be part of this wonderful weekend of fellowship and prayer and rediscover the depth of God’s love for you and come out stronger in faith, hope and love.

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Crossroads Retreat

God calls each of us all in a unique way and gives us a mission that no one else can accomplish.  Your college years are a time to ponder this calling, discerning what your place in the world is. Where is God calling you? Where is your passion? What is your mission? Where and how do you fulfill it?

CROSSROADS is a time devoted to these questions as a foundation for continued discernment, grounded in the recognition that God has called you to fulfill your potential and the mission that he has for you.

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Silent Retreat

Silent retreats have been a part of the Christian spiritual tradition for centuries. By taking the time to calm our minds, we can listen to God more clearly and discern His will for us. Come and deepen your experience of Christ by joining us for our annual silent retreat weekend. This retreat is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

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