Interfaith Programming

encounter. engage. understand


As an expression of its Catholic identity, the University of St. Thomas welcomes people of all faith traditions into its campus community. In support of the University’s mission, Campus Ministry dedicates itself to serving the university in accord with the call of Ex Corde Ecclesiae to “promote the pastoral care of all members of the university community”. We serve the aspirations of our students to mature in the integrity of their own faith traditions by supporting the practices of prayer, community, observance, learning, and service particular to each.

Campus Ministry Interfaith Vision Statement:

Campus Ministry’s dedication to support people of all faith traditions motivates our interfaith work.  We embrace the teachings of the Catholic Church expressed in the Second Vatican Council’s declaration Nostra Aetate to reject nothing true and holy in other religious traditions.  We pursue interreligious dialogue according to the four levels of dialogue outlined by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue:  of life, of action, of theological exchange, and of religious experience.  These teachings motivate our interfaith work of modeling and promoting what Pope Francis calls a “culture of encounter”, in which students, faculty, and staff may “share the richness of their traditions and experience; to break down walls and build bridges”.             

The Office for Spirituality welcomes and invites all students to experience the gift of religious and cultural diversity on our campus by participating in Campus Ministry interfaith and multi-faith programs. Learn more about our opportunities and events by visiting the tabs on this page.
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