UC Berkeley

November 9, 2016

Post MSW Fellowship 2017

The fellowship is grounded in the core principles of ethical and social justice oriented advanced clinical social work practice and utilizes an integrative model of therapeutic and community-based interventions at the individual, small group and campus levels. Fellows receive advanced clinical training and supervision in brief individual and group therapy, crisis assessment and intervention and campus outreach. Fostering the development of knowledge, awareness, and skills for work with diverse populations is central to the fellowship. Post-MSW fellows receive training in two separate counseling departments in the University Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services and Social Services. Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) provides brief therapy, crisis intervention, and education and outreach to the campus with the mission to support the emotional, psychological, educational, social and cultural development of students. CPS works with students who seek support for a broad range of bio-psycho-social concerns including serious mental illness. Social Services provides topic specific counseling services for students who are seeking support to address alcohol and other drug use, chronic medical conditions or a new diagnosis, eating disorders and body image concerns, pregnancy resources and referrals, relationship violence, stalking and sexual violence, and transgender/gender identity counseling. Fellows receive intensive individual and group supervision in both departments.

For more information visit: https://uhs.berkeley.edu/counseling/about/training-programs/post-msw-fellowship-clinical-social-work