Social Worker - Child Protection

April 22, 2016

Job description:
1. Provide ongoing case management for families open for child protection services. 
2. Determine with the client, and in collaboration with agencies, the need, and level of service for identified clients and monitor contracted service providers. 
3. Develop and implement all or part of a case plan (with the client when possible), defining initial and ongoing measurable goals and objectives. 
4. Provide, arrange, and coordinate direct services and advocacy to clients and families experiencing multiple changes in daily life. 
5. Facilitate, integrate, and mobilize community resources on behalf of the client. 
6. Evaluate, document, and monitor progress toward goals and objectives. 
7. Research, maintain, and apply knowledge of relevant policies, procedures, and statutes. 
8. Complete agency, state, and federal required documentation as related to client activity according to mandated timelines. 
9. Terminate activity with client or provider based on resolution of established goals or successful integration to community resources. 
10. Provide regular updates to Juvenile/CHIPS court. 
11. Monitor children in out of home placement. 
12. Complete neglect assessments and investigations in collaboration with the police. 

Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, or sociology.

Salary: $56,755.00 - $63,849.00/ annually

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