Elite Medical Scribe

January 24, 2017

Medical Scribe

A Medical Scribe is present during the physician’s performance of a clinical service and assists the physician with documentation in the medical chart. The scribe will accompany the physician into the patient examination area in order to record in the EMR, paper chart, or documentation program, any HPI/PMH/ROS/Social History/Family History/Allergies as given or reported by the patient and/or physician. The scribe will record in the patient electronic chart any procedures performed by the physician. The scribe will record any consultations or discussions with family and/or the patient’s private physician or the on-call physician.  The scribe completes the patient’s chart by transcribing results of any labs, x-rays, or other evaluations. In doing so, the scribe continuously checks on the progress of this data in order to get the patient’s workup complete so that the physician is able to make his or her decisions regarding that patient. The scribe will input all proper diagnoses into the EMR and record any discharge/follow up instructions as directed by the physician. Every location has unique and specific goals, outlined by the provider(s), and you will be expected to work collaboratively as part of a team to achieve these goals.

For more information email Brenda Abeltino directly at brendaa@elitemedicalscribes.com.