Battered Women's Justice Project

February 14, 2017

Legal Advocate: National Domestic Violence Helpline

The Legal Advocate will be responsible for responding to callers seeking legal information related to domestic violence, connecting them with resources around the country, and logging these calls into our database. A majority of calls relate to custody/visitation and protection order issues. During a call shift, advocate will also assist with light secretarial or internet research tasks as assigned by the supervisor.
This is a temporary part-time, non-exempt position for 12 hours a week from March 1 –August 31, 2107. Call shifts are organized in 4 hour blocks (8:30-12:30, 12:30-4:30) and can be scheduled flexibly each week. This position is supervised by the Training & TA Director.

Qualifications Required:
1. 1-2 years legal advocacy experience in domestic violence programs or victim liaison agencies.
2. Basic knowledge of civil and criminal justice system responses to domestic violence, and the social services and advocacy programs available to DV victims and offenders.
3. Ability to handle diverse callers from around the country, some of whom may be in distress.

Application: Send cover letter and resume by February 24 2017, to or the Battered Women’s Justice Project, 1801 Nicollet Ave. So., Suite 102, Minneapolis, MN 55403.