Social Services Management Minor


The Social Services Management Minor has been a collaboration between the University of St. Thomas School of Social Work and the Business programs at St. Thomas. It is not currently being offered as an active minor, but if you are interested in social services management, please speak with an adviser in either business or social work to create your own focused program.

The ability to administer programs, raise funds, and write grants is increasingly important in social service and nonprofit work. The purpose of this minor is to prepare students for administrative, management, or fundraising roles with nonprofits and social service agencies. Students will learn critical leadership skills necessary for effective management. Upon completion of the minor, students will have enhanced skills that will help to position them to be successful advocates, administrators, and managers within social service and nonprofit agencies.

Minor Objectives:

  • Gain a broad understanding of social work and social services in the United States
  • Understand the impact of social policies and government programs on the scope and provision of social services in the United States
  • Develop marketable skills in fundraising & development, grant writing, management, program evaluation, accounting, and marketing for nonprofit agencies and programs
  • Build a strong core of business skills, knowledge, and management ethics that will enhance their work in social service and nonprofit agencies.

Required Courses: (St. Thomas course number)

  • Intro to Financial Accounting (ACCT 210)

  • Business Learning through Service (BUSN 200)

  • Management and Organizational Behavior (MGMT 305)

  • Principles of Marketing (MKTG 300)

  • Introduction to Social Work (SOWK 281)

  • Social Policy for Social Change ( SOWK 391)

  • Development and Fundraising for Social Service Agencies (SOWK 430)

FAQs: Social Services Management Minor

No! While we think this minor is a great fit for people from both of these majors, it is not only for them. In fact, adding this minor to other liberal arts majors is a great way to build skills that help translate your strong writing, analytic, and research skills to a community setting. Adding this minor will help you gain practical skills that will help you leverage your liberal arts training to real-world work.

Yes! (we’ve done the math)  If you are on-track in your current major and declare your minor in a timely fashion, you can do it.  In fact, many of the required classes are available in the summer and/or January term, which may help you complete this minor.

If you are interested in applying your business training to the social service and/or nonprofit sector this minor will help you do that.  You will learn skills that will help you work in nonprofit settings effectively.  You will learn to apply your strong business skills to a mission-driven organization.

If you are interested in working in the management/administrative end of social work, or want to learn to fund and develop new programs, this minor will be a good fit for you.  It will give you tangible business skills that will allow you to work effectively as a manager in a social service agency.

Social service agencies provide direct social services to individuals, families, and communities. Social Service agencies are a specific sub-set of nonprofit agencies. There are many nonprofits that do not provide social services (for example, arts organizations, environmental organizations, etc..). While this minor does not include specific information on these other types of agencies, many of the skills will translate.

BUSN 200 is a no-credit, no-cost course required for completion of the Social Services Management minor if you are a University of St. Thomas student. BUSN 200 is offered during Fall, January-Term, Spring, and Summer.  It requires students to complete 40 hours of service with a nonprofit or governmental organization and take part in 4 seminar style meetings.  BUSN 200 staff work with students to set up clear learning objectives for their project and ways to evaluate their progress towards them. As students work towards these goals, their nonprofit partner will benefit from your service at the same time the student is developing new skills. This win-win situation is good for the student, our your community and for St. Thomas.

Social Work majors may count 40 hours of their field placement toward the service requirement for BUSN 200. However, they must register for the course and take part in seminars and complete assignments.

For more information on BUSN 200, visit:

No. A minor in Social Services Management is not accepted by the Council on Social Work Education as preparation for beginning-level generalist social work practice. It will not allow you to be advanced standing for MSW programs or sit for the social work licensing exam.