The University of St. Thomas School of Social Work is a nationally ranked, accredited program where students learn in the classroom and in the field. Students connect their professional growth to their values of social justice and respect for human rights, and are prepared for ethical social work practice and leadership in multiple settings with diverse populations.

The Social Work degree includes the following areas of study:

Social work coursework to develop knowledge and skills in:

  • Social welfare policy and advocacy
  • Community outreach
  • Communication and interviewing skills
  • Case management and basic counseling
  • Social work research
  • Group work
  • Strengths-based intervention and support for individuals, families and communities

Prerequisite coursework in:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Biology

Knowledge, skills, & values developed by Social Work majors:

  • Interpersonal expertise & communication across micro, mezzo, & macro systems with diverse populations:
  • Establish professional relationships
  • Identify and respond to power imbalances
  • Professional interpersonal communication & public speaking
  • Listening actively, ask reflective questions, and provide critical feedback
  • Professional writing i.e. case notes, grants, court reports etc.
  • Identify personal boundaries and a professional approach
  • Group interaction and facilitation
  • How to be empathetic, authentic, flexible, open-minded, & self-aware

Critical thinking across micro, mezzo, & macro systems with diverse populations:

  • Client assessment and intervention strategies
  • Problem identification and problem solving
  • Understand the person-in-environment – how the larger environment and client systems influence one another
  • Research and respond to social problems including policy analysis and advocacy
  • Response to crisis situations
  • Program and practice evaluation
  • Understand and apply the planned change process – client system engagement, assessment, intervention/prevention, & evaluation

Guided by Social Work values and a professional code of ethics (NASW):

  • Cultural awareness & responsiveness
  • Service to others
  • Social justice
  • Dignity and worth of all people
  • Self-care
  • Catholic Social Teaching: Social Work for Social Justice