Registering for Classes

If you are a day student, you will take a few social work courses on the other campus (St. Kate’s or St. Thomas). If you are a student in the St. Kate's College for Adults, you will only take courses at St. Kate’s.  Below is an overview of the process to register for courses on the other campus:

  • The BSW program offers Fall Junior courses at the St. Thomas and offers Spring Junior courses at St. Kate’s. We offer Fall Senior courses at St. Kate’s and Spring Senior courses at St. Thomas.
  • Whether you are a student at St. Kate’s or St. Thomas, you register for courses at the other campus using the ACTC registration system. This is a paper registration system and requires you to turn in your paper registration into the registrar’s office by hand.
  • If you have any questions about the process, please contact your advisor.  If you don't already have an advisor in Social Work, contact the BSW Program at

Go to the St. Kate's registrar’s page and go to “courses and schedules” then “course schedules.” About half-way down the page are the “ACTC Course Schedules,” click on the “University of St. Thomas” and it will take you to the “class finder” for St. Thomas. Class finder has all of the courses for St. Thomas for a given term. Make sure you have picked the correct term at the top of the page and that you have chosen the “undergraduate subject areas” for your search.

Download the registration form: St. Kate's ACTC registration form

Go to ACTC information on the UST registrar’s page. At the bottom of this page is the link to the “cross registration info,” click “more info.” Under “finding classes and calendar dates” click the link to “St. Catherine University” and it will take you to the “Banner Self Service, Day Dynamic Scheduler.” Make sure you enter the correct term and choose the first listed “social work” in the subject drop down menu (the second “social work” lists graduate courses).

Download the registration form: UST ACTC registration for St. Kate's