Accelerated MSW Admissions Process

Accelerated Admission to MSW rocket turtleKnow you want to practice clinical social work? Enjoy a seamless transition to graduate school!

The University of St. Thomas School of Social Work offers an Accelerated MSW Admissions Process for current University of St. Thomas Junior BSW majors. This process provides students with acceptance into the St. Thomas MSW in clinical social work practice program in their Junior year rather than their Senior year, streamlines the admissions process, and waives the application fee. BSW graduates may enter the St. Thomas MSW program as Advanced Standing, having completed 18 hours of foundation-level coursework towards the master's degree.

Graduates of the University of St. Thomas should also explore our MSW Alumni Grants that represent a tuition discount of 10%.

Accelerated Admission Application

To apply, students must complete and submit the online Accelerated Admission Application (available here when active). In this application, students state their intent to apply for the MSW program, indicate their desired program track AS1, AS2, AS3, or AS Hybrid*, and include their current transcript showing successful completion of all allied/supporting coursework for the social work major.

If accepted, students must maintain:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • A Social Work GPA of 3.5
  • Good academic and professional standing (see professional standards in the BSW Student Handbook‌) within the BSW program

* Advanced standing program options include:

  • AS1: One-year weekday/evening (Full-time)
  • AS2: Two-year weekday/evening
  • AS3: Three-year weekday/evening
  • AS Hybrid: Two-year hybrid program (meets on-campus 3 Saturdays per term with online coursework between sessions)

Junior BSW students who meet the following eligibility requirements may apply for the early admission to the MSW program:

  • Admitted to the BSW major without conditions
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0, documented with transcript and/or degree evaluation
  • Social Work GPA of 3.5
  • Successful completion of all allied/supporting course work (BIOL 105, PSYC 111, PSYC 202, and SOCI 100)
  • In good academic and professional standing (see the Professional Standards in the BSW Handbook) in the BSW program (as confirmed by the BSW Program Director)
  • Completion of undergraduate degree in May of the following year
  • Confirm their acceptance into the MSW program by submitting a 300-word statement reflecting on their goals for their MSW education
  • Submit their Fall Senior Year Field Evaluation
  • Confirm or change their program track: AS1, AS2, AS3*
  • Maintain good academic and professional standing (see professional standards in the BSW Handbook) within the BSW program.
  • Intend to begin the MSW program in June (AS1) or September (AS2 or AS3) of graduation year
  • Provide the MSW program a copy of all transcripts at completion of their BSW degree

*AS1 completes the MSW in one year in the weekday/evening program, AS2 completes the MSW in two years in the weekday/evening program, AS3 completes the MSW in three years in the weekday/evening or weekend cohort program.