Our BSW graduates are exceptionally prepared for generalist social work practice and licensure, and for graduate study. 

Degree Earned

St. Kate's students can earn a BA or BS in Social Work.  St. Thomas students will earn a BA in Social Work. All can use the term Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).

The Social Work Profession

  • Social work is the helping profession grounded in a "person-in-environment" orientation and focused on human dignity and social justice. See Social Work: Is it for you?
  • Social work is a licensed profession.  In Minnesota, only those who graduate from a CSWE-accredited school of social work can be hired as social workers. See Social Work Licensure
  • Social work offers a huge variety of employment options, working with diverse populations in myriad settings. See Using Your Degree
  • Social work employment is expected to grow by over 12% over the next decade, one of the fastest-growing careers. See Careers in Social Work

Distinctive Features of the Major

Other Distinctive Features: