Undergraduate Social Work - Mission and Goals

BSW Mission

Rooted in educational justice and community engagement, we prepare generalist social workers committed to professional ethics and values, service, social justice and human rights.

Goals of the Undergraduate Social Work Program

The overall goal of the BSW program is to create a community of life-long learners and leaders equipped with the knowledge, values, and skills for generalist social work practice. 

We prepare students:

  1. For generalist social work practice with client systems of all sizes (individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities).
  2. To integrate the values and ethics of the social work profession into generalist practice. 
  3. To engage diversity and difference in practice with all client systems. 
  4. To understand bio-psycho-social, spiritual, and cultural functioning and apply it to all client systems.
  5. To engage in research informed practice and practice-informed research. 
  6. To engage in policy and community practice to promote social and economic justice and human rights.

BSW Core Curriculum for Generalist Practice

The BSW curriculum prepares its graduates for social work practice grounded in the core competencies and practice behaviors of generalist social work practice. Click here to view the ten core competencies outlined by the Council on Social Work Education, which are followed by a description of characteristic knowledge, values, skills, and a list of the practice behaviors that operationalize our BSW generalist curriculum.