Group Work Institute


The mission of the Institute is to promote knowledge, skills, and values in facilitating multi-purpose social work with groups and to strengthen and sustain the presence of group work in the School of Social Work.  To fulfill its mission, members of the Institute engage in research, presentations, and consultation regarding social group work.


  1. To increase the knowledge base and competency about group work.

    1. To offer continuing education for professional development about group work for practitioners and organizations.
    2. To offer consultation about group work.
  2. To promote the use of groups to serve the needs of individuals, organizations and communities.

    1. To provide training related to group formation and implementation at all stages: pre-group planning, beginning, middle and end.
    2. To support supervisors and practitioners who are facilitating groups.
  3. To collaborate with campus and community organizations and practitioners.

    1. To co-sponsor educational programs with the Minnesota Chapter of The Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups.
    2. To seek partnerships around the development of group work..
    3. To engage in interdisciplinary work and offer educational opportunities within the universities.


Committee members: 
 Kathy Caron (co-director), Miriam Itzkowitz (co-director), Diane Bauer, Stacy Husebo, Lisa Kiesel, Sandy Parnell, Shelly Rottenberg, and Sandy Ryan.

For more information:
Kathy Caron                              Miriam Itzkowitz
(651) 690-6722                         (651) 962-5806