Tuition and Fees


The St. Thomas MSW program tuition rate for the 2020-2021 academic year is $799.50 per credit.  Advanced standing students take a total of 38 credits. Regular standing students take a total of 56 credits. 

At this rate, the total tuition for an advanced standing student would be $30,381 ($799.50 x 38 credits) and the total for a regular standing student would be $44,772 ($799.50 x 56 credits). The per semester cost is determined by the number of credits taken that semester plus fees (see below). The cost of books and materials will vary by class.

Please note that tuition rates are not locked while you are a student in the program, so may increase (or decrease) on an annual basis.  In recent years, tuition has been raised between 0 - 2.6%, so students should plan accordingly.  Please note that many incoming students are eligible for grants and/or scholarships (see links below) which can significantly reduce the total cost of the degree.

Technology fee

In 2020-21, graduate students who take six or more credits will be assessed a $116.50 technology fee each term. The technology fee for students taking three to five credits is $58.25 per term.

Health fee

In 2020-21, graduate students who take six or more credits will be assessed a $36 health fee each term. The health fee for students taking three to five credits is $18 per term.

Writing fee

In 2020-21, MSW students will be charged a $15 writing fee per semester in addition to the tech fee and health fee.

Application fee

There is no application fee.

Last year, the School of Social Work provided well over $250,000 in scholarship and grant awards to incoming graduate students. In addition, many students received outside scholarships & grants from their own research & initiative. Learn more and find links to help you get started with your scholarship search:

*In addition to scholarships and grants that accepted students can apply for, this page also includes information about the following scholarships & grants that do not require separate applications:

Dean's Scholarships

These scholarships are for students with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of ~3.5 and above, and represent a 20% tuition discount.

MSW Diversity Grants

School of Social Work Mission

As a clinically engaged faculty with a passion for social justice, we prepare clinical social workers for culturally responsive reflective practice, and emerging leadership. 


The purpose of the MSW Diversity Access Grant is to recruit, train, educate and retain MSW students who represent the communities where social workers serve; to meet the community’s and profession’s need for a more diverse workforce; to support historically underrepresented students in building community; and to create inclusive and equitable learning environments that will assist in building cultural competence and awareness among the student body as a whole.

In creating a diverse community, students will be able to share and learn from multiple perspectives, enhance the cultural competency of the overall program and be prepared to practice at the highest professional standards, as set forth in the Council on Social Work Education Accreditation Standards and the NASW Code of Ethics.  


  • The MSW Diversity Access Grant represents a tuition discount of 20%. 
  • The MSW Diversity Access Grant will be deducted from each semester’s tuition for the duration of the student’s enrollment. Students will not need to reapply or notify the program again once it has been awarded.  
  • All qualifying students are eligible to apply for and receive other grants and scholarships (in addition to the MSW Diversity Access Grant), except for the Hennepin County Pathways and Catholic Charities discount programs.

Eligibility and How to Be Considered

Applicants will be automatically reviewed based on a holistic review of their applications. We will consider applications that demonstrate unique background or experiences that will contribute to the diversity and cultural competence of the student body or social work profession and how it contributes to the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and reimagining a future for the communities we live in free from racial disparities. 

ACTC Alumni Grants

A new pilot in 2020 expanded eligibility to undergraduate alumni from all schools in the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC), including the University of St. Thomas, St. Catherine University, Augsburg, Hamline and Macalester. This grant applies to all majors and represents a 10% tuition discount.