Voices from MSW Field

Below are comments from a few of our recent graduates about their learning experiences during their MSW field placements:

Tim Markgraf

Tim Markgraf

MSW, Class of 2015

The amount of time spent on the clinical aspect of social work is what stood out about this program. I am a supervisor in child protection and it has surprised me how much, through each class I’ve gone through, that I can pull back into what I'm currently doing and implement what I've learned. Whether you want to be involved in therapy with people and really dig in clinically, or work with child protection, or if you're in a hospital setting - to have a firm base of clinical knowledge will serve you well no matter which aspect of the profession you jump into. That clinical knowledge is vital to success not only for yourself as an individual, but success for the people you're working with. That's one of our core philosophies as social workers: to really get out there and help people move forward and progress with their strengths. Having the clinical knowledge puts you in a better position to do so. 

- Tim Markgraf
Whitney Wessels

Whitney Wessels

MSW, Class of 2014

My field placements helped me apply the theory and methods I was learning in my coursework to actual practice. The program has very strong connections with their field placement partners and they know that you're going to have a really rich experience that will help develop you as a professional.


- Whitney Wessels

Zach LeCrone

‌MSW, Class of 2014

My field placement really got me ready for doing clinical social work. I was doing therapy and every session was videotaped. I enjoyed seeing myself go through the process because I could see the parts of my personality that might be impacting clients, [such as] having a genuine personality. Seeing it in 3rd person view really gave me the insight to develop my professional identity and personality.


- Zach LeCrone