Prerequisite Coursework

There are three prerequisite courses that must be completed before starting the MSW program. Students may apply for the MSW program if they are missing one or more prerequisites, but all prerequisites must be completed before the first day of graduate classes. If you are missing one of these courses, click on the course to see a PDF of options in Minnesota or online that meet the prerequisite requirement.

NOTE: In recent years, most incoming students have elected to take the online courses offered by or to meet needed prerequisite requirements. These online courses are designed to be self-paced and able to be completed in 2 months or less.

If you have any questions about whether your previous coursework meets these prerequisite requirements, or if a course you've found will meet the requirement, please email the MSW program»  Be prepared to share the course name and description (from the course catalog) of the course in question.  As appropriate, you may be asked for a course syllabus to help us determine if the course covered the required content.

NOTE: Most advanced standing students (with a BSW from a program accredited by CSWE) have met the prerequisite requirements, although the content may be covered under different course names.

If you are completing a prerequisite course AFTER admission to the MSW program, we will need you to have the transcript sent directly to the program:

St. Thomas Master of Social Work
2115 Summit Ave., SCB 201
St. Paul, MN 55105

If the institution provides the option to have the transcript emailed directly to the MSW program as a PDF, it can be sent to: