MSW Mission Statement

Grounded in the principles of dignity and respect for all persons, we prepare clinical social workers for reflective practice, supervision, leadership and practice-focused research with a commitment to critical inquiry, cultural responsiveness and social justice.

Overall Goals of the Program

  1. We prepare students to develop a strong clinical social work identity grounded in social work values and ethics.
  2. We prepare students to develop skills in actively engaging diverse client populations and adapting their practice to particular groups as needed.
  3. We prepare students to develop critical thinking, reflective practice skills, and substantive knowledge essential for competent clinical social work practice.
  4. We prepare students to develop the capacity for leadership and supervision in multiple settings.
  5. We prepare students to develop the capacity to critically interpret and conduct social work research in order to increase the body of knowledge, assess the effectiveness of clinical interventions and improve social work practice.

Our MSW curriculum prepares its graduates for advanced clinical social work practice grounded in the core competencies and practice behaviors of generalist practice. The clinical social work practice curriculum is grounded in the values of the profession. The core competencies and associated practice behaviors in clinical social work form the basis for the assessment of students’ progress throughout the curriculum of the MSW program.