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University of St. Thomas Master of Social Work

The St. Thomas MSW program is located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and has been exclusively focused on preparing graduates for clinical social work practice for almost 30 years.

The St. Thomas Masters in Social Work is committed to growing our region's mental health workforce and has numerous program completion options to meet the needs of both full-time students and working professionals from throughout the Upper Midwest. We offer both Advanced Standing (for those with a a BSW) and Regular Standing (for those with an undergraduate degree outside of social work) program tracks.

At St. Thomas, you'll find the right balance of large-school resources and small-school support. Our program is recognized for its commitment to social justice, teaching excellence & mentorship, and exceptional preparation for clinical social work practice & licensure.

What is clinical social work?

Uniquely within the mental health professions, clinical social workers are trained not only to practice counseling and therapy, but to examine and integrate entire systems to support their clients and to advance social justice.  Having the mental health training prepares our graduates to maximize their potential impact on their clients, their communities and their careers.

Clinical social work is a rapidly expanding profession, with many areas of practice expected to grow by almost 20 percent in the next decade. High-growth areas include:

•  Aging / Gerontology        •  Child / Family / School
•  Health Care                      •  Immigrant / Refugees
•  Military / Veterans            •  Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Clinical licensure is increasingly preferred or required for master’s-level social work roles, even those that do not include direct treatment/therapy. Our MSW is a Path to Licensure program and all of our graduates are academically on-track toward clinical licensure in Minnesota, maximizing their future career opportunities.

Whether you're focused on a specific type of clinical practice or want to explore the many different career options available to clinical social workers, our MSW faculty represent the diversity of the profession and have the expertise and commitment to student development to help you find your unique contribution to the profession.

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