Placement Process

The process to obtain a field placement is carefully organized and coordinated by the BSW and MSW Field Education programs.   The process follows an employment model.  Students prepare application materials, which are provided to prospective placements.  Students complete pre-placement interviews and then are matched with an organization based on fit, level of learning and practice interests. 

A wide range of practice settings are available for both BSW and MSW field placements.   Most students utilize the program-initiated placement process, identifying agencies they are interested in from a long list of opportunities arranged by the school.  Under certain conditions, students can also apply for a placement in their place of employment, or can explore their own ideas for a practicum through an individualized placement process. 

Students begin the placement process by attending a Student Field Orientation, where they receive guidance and step by step instructions.  The student placement process takes place in the fall for BSW Junior students, in late winter for summer block placements (MSW students), and in  the spring for academic year placements scheduled to begin the following fall (BSW Seniors and MSW Foundation and Clinical students). 

The field placement process can be time consuming, and students should anticipate the need to schedule multiple interviews during the interviewing period.   The process also requires close adherence to guidelines and deadlines.  Our of respect for the many agencies and students who participate in the field placement process, students should not initiate any contact with agencies on their own before receiving all of the information on requirements and instructions on the process at the orientation.