Orientation & Training

The School of Social Work offers 9-12 hours of continuing education through the Field Instructor Training Series (FITS), provided each year to current field instructors.  When open, registration for FITS training is sent to current field instructors. Additional training is provided in orientations for BSW and MSW field instructors.


All new field instructors are required to attend an orientation that covers a program overview as well as detailed information about working with students to complete field placement documentation. 

FITS Core - (four-part, on-campus)

Our Core Field Instructor Training Series (FITS) is an opportunity to enhance teaching/supervising skills in a supportive group discussion format using a variety of materials that parallel students’ professional development in field. The four-part series provides an introduction to competency-based education and assessment and considers student learning across a development continuum.  Sessions focus on student growth and flexibly respond to field instructors’ individual interests and specific student issues. These sessions are designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced supervisors who are new to our FITS curriculum.

FITS Supplemental - (three-part, on-campus)

Our Field Instructor Training Series (FITS) – Supplemental Consultation is an opportunity to continue to enhance teaching/supervising skills for those field instructors who have attended the Core FITS. The three sessions will involve interactive discussions of ethics, diversity, and best supervisory practices as well as time for consultation regarding field issues.  These sessions are designed to meet the needs of supervisors who have attended our Core FITS and are interested in on-going teaching/supervising training and consultation.   Please note, attendance at Core FITS is a prerequisite for Supplemental FITS.  Based on the design of these series and our space constraints, we ask that you attend sessions in only one on-campus series during the year.

*Both the FITS Core and FITS Supplemental include two hours of ethics training.

For other events that you may be interested in attending, see the Field Events Calendar»