Field Practice Institute Mission and Organization

Fostering the professional development of students through community engagement.


Grounded in the integration of theory and practice, the mission of the Field Practice Institute is to foster student development and professional identity, enhance supervision skills of field instructors, and promote community engagement, best-practices and life-long learning, through providing critical programming to students, field instructors and agencies.



Foster student development and professional identity



Enhance supervision skills of field instructors


Promote community
engagement, best-practices
and life-long learning


  • High quality field education curriculum and placements
  • Safety and Sexual Harassment training
  • Inter-professional training opportunities
  • Areas of emphasis, including gero-practice, diversity, military, and immigrants and refugees



  • A comprehensive Field Instructor Training Series (FITS), including two tiers of training, provided in both on-campus and distance formats
  • Field Matters newsletter
  • Access to current research through library privileges
  • Orientation to curriculum and role
  • Ongoing consultation and support
  • Field Instructor of the Year awards, recognizing outstanding skill and dedication in student supervision and training


  • Annual Summit on Emerging Issues in Social Work Practice, bringing practitioners and students together to consider trends, challenges and successes in social work practice
  • The Field Practice Institute Advisory Council, made up of studets, field instructors, and agency representatives
  • A growing network of agency partners providing field placements at the BSW junior, BSW senior, MSW foundation or MSW clinical levels. 
  • Collaborations in support of grant funding for student field placements
  • An annual luncheon and workshop, celebrating the studet/field instructor/agency and school collaboration