environmental justice, world in hands

Ande Nesmith
Environmental Justice was added as a competency to the 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS), but what does that mean and how might this look within a social work curriculum?
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NASW MN Town Hall 2017

"Policy Impacts on Social Work Practice" brought together legislators and social workers to talk about the policies that most affect the clients we serve
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Dr. Catherine Marrs Fuchsel's book, Si, You Puedo (Yes I can) is now available through Oxford University Press

Dr. Catherine Marrs Fuchsel's empowerment program for immigrant latina women in group settings available now through Oxford University Press
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CSWE APM Presentations, 2017 Dallas

The SSW had a strong showing at the Council on Social Work Education 63rd Annual Program Meeting, Oct. 19-22, in Dallas, TX. Check out our faculty, student and alumni presentations.
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Dr. Lisa Kiesel's article,

Congratulations Lisa!
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