Patina Park and Bruce Thao NASW pre-conference 2019

Our 2018-19 Social Work Healthcare Education and Leadership Scholars (HEALS) program partnered with NASW-MN to co-host the June 10 pre-conference session, "Cultivating Healthy Communities: Policy, Equity and Innovation."
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Spring 2019 Faculty Professional Notes

Faculty news, publications, presentations and honors in Winter/Spring 2019
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Ande Nesmith receives Fulbrignt; 7 months in Czech Republic

Angie Vognild, NEWSROOM

Fulbright enabled Nesmith to expand her examination of the Czech experience of young people leaving institutional care, such as foster care homes, while developing long-term partnerships with Czech experts in the field of substitute family care.

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2019 SEED grant - Eva Solomonson


Eva Solomonson, BSW field director, will join this summer's week-long facilitator training. Eva shares, "At St. Thomas, we view SEED as part of our campus-wide work combating bias and systemic racism and oppressions related to gender, sexual orientation, religion, social class, or based on any systemically marginalized identities."

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Melissa Lundquist and Lance Peterson, School of Social Work faculty

Faculty news, publications, presentations and honors in Summer/Fall 2018
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