Dr. David Roseborough with his 682 Mixed Methods Research group at Clinical Presentation Day in 2017

David Roseborough, PhD
Dr. Roseborough presents 2017 group research at the Society for Social Work Research (SSWR)
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Tanya Rand featured in April 2018 NASW news article on interdisciplinary teams

Alison Laurio, NASW news

Tanya Rand and our work in interdisplinary education is featured in this April NASW news article on Social Work Education!

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Lundquist UST Faculty Research Grant

Award will fund historical research project about the original “war” on cancer by examining experiences from the Women’s Field Army
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Dr. Ande Nesmith, Associate Professor in the School of Social Work

Dr. Ande Nesmith chosen for grant to expand her research to Czech Republic in fall
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Dr. Katharine Hill is a national thought leader on Voting is Social Work

UST Newsroom

BSW Program Director Katharine Hill is being recognized for the President’s Civic Engagement Stewardship Award as a UST faculty member who has “significantly advanced their campus’ distinctive civic mission by forming strong partnerships, supporting others’ civic engagement and working to institutionalize a culture and practice of engagement"

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