2019 SEED grant - Eva Solomonson


Eva Solomonson, BSW field director, will join this summer's week-long facilitator training. Eva shares, "At St. Thomas, we view SEED as part of our campus-wide work combatting bias and systemic racism and oppressions related to gender, sexual orientation, religion, social class, or based on any systemically marginalized identities."

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Melissa Lundquist and Lance Peterson, School of Social Work faculty

Faculty news, publications, presentations and honors in Summer/Fall 2018
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AEA-AEGSW Newsletter launched

AEA Scholars publish first newsletter
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Social Work HEALS scholars 2018-19 at NASW-MN

Congratulations to this year's grant recipients - and mark your calendar for June 10 policy event!
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Grief counseling class attends Nights of Grief and Mystery

Taking learning off-campus
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