UST Faculty Research Grant Award

March 27, 2018
Lundquist UST Faculty Research Grant

Congratulations to Assistant Social Work Professor Melissa Lundquist, who has received a University of St. Thomas faculty research grant! These grants are intended to support the scholarly work of full-time, continuing faculty as they advance their professional careers.

Dr. Lundquist's award will fund her historical research project about the original “war” on cancer by examining the experiences of the members of the Women’s Field Army.

It is a commonly held notion that the “war” on cancer was launched in 1971 with the passing of the National Cancer Act. However it can be argued that this “war” was launched decades earlier with women fighting on the frontlines as members of the Women’s Field Army (WFA). During the 1930’s through 1950, the estimated 350,000 members of the WFA engaged in extensive efforts to educate the public about the importance of early detection across the United States. The work of these women, though largely untold or marginalized, significantly shaped the way we think about, talk about, and fund cancer control in our country. The primary goal of this project is to gather the voices of the surviving women who participated in this movement before they are lost. Interviewing these women, learning of their experiences in their own words, will offer a perspective that can enrich our historical understanding of cancer control across race, gender, class and culture. In addition to gathering data directly from the women, I will need to access broader archival documents. Thus the secondary goal is to situate the women’s experiences within the historical context. Specifically, I will explore the historical intersection of cancer (research, prevention, care, and policy), race, and gender in the U.S. through relevant primary resources. - Dr. Melissa Lundquist, MSW, PhD, LGSW