SSW Faculty Professional Notes - Spring 2017

June 1, 2017
spring 2017 SSW faculty

George Baboila: Baboila, G., Tracey, P. (2017, June) Best Practice Standards: Tools for Providing Supervision. Journey Towards Justice: Collaborating Across Systems. 27th Annual NASW-MN Conference, Brooklyn Center, MN.

Baboila, G. (2017, April). Providing Culturally Relevant Care by Social Workers in Healthcare. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. 

Kingsley Chigbu: Chigbu, K. (2017, March). Use of silence for violence prevention with severely mentally-ill patients. Workshop presented at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview (invited).

Chigbu, K. (2017, February).  Effective teamwork and exceptional care. Training/workshop presented to the behavioral/psychiatric staff of the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview (invited).

Chigbu, K. (2017). Addressing the needs of Abians during economic recession. White Paper produced on behalf of Ngwa National Association USA, a non-profit organization, and forwarded to the government of Abia State, Nigeria for implementation.

Kari Fletcher: Fletcher, K. L. (2017, January). Trauma recovery: Supporting veterans’ journeys through clinical supervision. Paper presented at the American Association of Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work (AAPCSW) Minnesota Chapter Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.  (Invited).

Kari Fletcher and Carol Kuechler: Fletcher, K.L. & Kuechler, C. F. (2017, April). Expanding relational dimensions of social presence:  The Virtual Holding Environment.  For presentation at Elevating Social Justice Through Distance Education, Third Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference. San Antonio, TX. 

Mari Ann Graham: Graham, M. A. (2017).  “Binding up our nation’s wounds,” Bold Moves for Real Change, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul, MN. 

Graham, M.A. (2016, October).  Empowering social work faculty: alternative paradigms for teaching and learning, and Integral ethics for social workers, Global Partnership for Transformative Social Work, 17th annual practice, inquiry and education (invitation only) event, Burlington, VT.

Katharine Hill: Hill, K. (2017) Prevalence, Experiences, and Characteristics of Children and Youth who Enter Foster Care through Voluntary Placement Agreements. Children and Youth Services Review, 74 (March), 62-70.

Hill, K. & Peyton, L. (2017). Reaching successful futures: Experiences of participants in the Education and Training Vouchers Program. Children & Schools, 1 (9). Doi:

Hill, K., Lane, S., & Powers, J. (2017, June). From the Empire State to the North Star State: Implementing and Evaluating Voter Engagement in the Undergraduate Classroom.  Policy Conference 2.0,Successes and Solutions: Policies that Work. St. Louis, Missouri.

Hill, K. & Resemius, M. (2017, June). Voting is social work.  Journey Towards Justice: Collaborating Across Systems. 27th Annual NASW-MN Conference, Brooklyn Center, MN.

Hill, K. (2017, May).  Advocacy 101: Taking it Forward.  Presentation to senior seminar on Environmental  Advocacy.  Macalester College, St. Paul, MN.

Hill, K. (2017, March).  Moderator. Prenatal to 3 Policy Forum. St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN.

Hill, K. (2017, February). Moving from anger to advocacy: concrete steps for making your voice heard (and not losing your mind).  Presentation to the Social Work Department, Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Boston, MA.

Hill, K (2017).  Use your voice: conversations for engaged citizenship. Presentation given to multiple audiences.

Katharine Hill, Sarah Ferguson and Lisa Kiesel: Hill, K., Ferguson, S., & Kiesel, L.(2017, March). Advocacy 101: Train the Trainer.  St. Catherine University and the University of St. Thomas School of Social Work. St. Paul, MN.

Lisa Kiesel: Kiesel, L.R. (2017, June).  The Mapping Social Justice Project: Targeted Integration of Policy and Community Engagement Across a Clinical Curriculum.  To be presented at the ISP Policy Conference 2.0, St. Louis, MO. 

Carol Kuechler and Melissa Lundquist: Kuechler, C. F. & Lundquist, M. (2017, April). Developing doctoral competence in IPE: A case example. Poster for presentation at: High Performance Innovation Teams: An Interprofessional Approach to Health, the IPE Summit.  St. Paul, MN.

Carol Kuechler, Hiyana Xiong and Barbara Shank: Kuechler, C. F., Xiong, H., & Shank, B.W, (2017, April). Orientation: Bridging the journey from applicant to graduate. For presentation at: Elevating Social Justice Through Distance Education, Third Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference. San Antonio, TX. 

Catherine Marrs Fuchsel: Marrs Fuchsel, C., Valencia, R., Stefango, E., Uplegger, M., & Senne, E. (2017, in press). Sí, Yo Puedo curricula and police departments: Educating immigrant Latinas. Social Work with Groups.

Marrs Fuchsel, C. (2016, October). Sí, Yo Puedo curricula and police departments: Educating immigrant Latinas. Keynote speaker at the 2016 Latino Social Workers Organization (LSWO) Conference. Chicago, IL. [Refereed]

Lisa Richardson: Buxell, L., McGill, R., Richardson, L., Anderson, C., & Rovick, L. (2017, April).  Framing the value of clinical and field education.  Poster session presented at the Interprofessional Education Summit, St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN. 

Lisa Richardson and Carey Winkler: Richardson, L. & Winkler, C. (2017, April). Journey of a social worker: A path to ethical practice. Presented at Catholic Eldercare, Minneapolis, MN.

Eva Solomonson: Solomonson, E. & Schuchman, D. (2017). Collaborating with Language Interpreters to Serve English Language Learners. Two-part workshop series sponsored by Minnesota Literacy Council, St. Paul, MN.

Jessica Toft: Toft, J. (April 3, 2017). Social Work Day at the Capitol Opening Address. NASW-MN, St. Paul, MN.

Toft, J. (Feb. 3, 2017). Opening Address: Stand Up!: Living Our Social Work Values in a Changing Political Environment. NASW-MN Workshop, St. Paul, MN.

Toft, J. (March 7, 2017). History of NASW. NASW-MN St. Cloud member meeting, St. Cloud, MN.

Robin Whitebird: Whitebird, R. R., Kreitzer, M. J., Vazquez-Benitez, G., & Enstad, C. (2016, November 20). Managing Diabetes Mindfully. Paper presented at the Gerontological Society of America’s 69th Annual Scientific Meeting. Gerontologist, 56(Suppl_3): p. 702. doi:

Carey Winkler: Winkler, C. (2017, March).  Field liaison and field seminar. Presented as part of the New Field Directors Pre-Conference Workshop presented at the 2017 Annual Conference of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors, New Orleans, LA.