Social Work Professor Publishes, "Sí, Yo Puedo"

October 26, 2017
Dr. Catherine Marrs Fuchsel's book, Si, You Puedo (Yes I can) is now available through Oxford University Press

Catherine Marrs Fuchsel's book, Si Yo PuedoThe Si, Yo PUEDO (SYP) program manual is a step-by-step, culturally specific, 11- week curriculum for Spanish-English graduate level licensed mental health professionals (e.g., clinical social workers, professional counselors, family and marriage therapists, psychologists). Si, Yo PUEDO is YES, I CAN in English.

The empowerment program is designed to provide education, promote self-esteem, prevent domestic violence, and help readers understand healthy relationships within a cultural framework. Participants meet weekly for two hours and examine topics addressing issues related to immigrant Latina women's sense of self, characteristics of healthy relationships and dating, keys to understanding the dynamics of domestic violence, and ways to access resources. The program manual includes structured sessions with goals and objectives, in-class self-reflection drawing and writing exercises, and handouts for the weekly topics. Upon completion of the SYP program, immigrant Latinas and Latinas in general will be empowered to examine current relationships and their selfesteem, and to potentially make changes in their lives.


  • Geared towards those who work with immigrant Latina women and their families and who want to provide psycho-educational groups in community-based agencies or social services programs nationally and internationally.
  • Targets immigrant Latinas who are not in crisis situations or in domestic violence-related agencies or shelters. However, the program manual/book can be used by mental health professionals who work in these types of settings.
  • Discusses financial gains and support in community-based agencies that have limited funding. By offering educational groups as opposed to individual therapy, community-based agencies can provide a service not previously offered before.
  • Includes weekly Spanish and English self-reflection writing and drawing exercises, sample exercises, and handouts (available in both languages).
  • Can be used by Spanish-Speaking mental health professionals.
  • Evaluated over a five-year period with three community-based agencies in two Midwestern states. Rigorous qualitative and survey data was collected to help determine the effectiveness of the curriculum among immigrant Latinas.

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CATHERINE Luz MARRS FUCHSEL, PHD, LICSW, LCSW, MSW, is a faculty member and the DSW program director in the School of Social Work, a joint School with St. Catherine University and the University St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She teaches in the graduate program and is a bilingual Spanish-English Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). Originally from Lima, Peru, she has over 18 years direct practice experience working with Latino families across the country. Dr. Marrs Fuchsel's research focuses on the prevention and intervention of domestic violence among immigrant Latinas.

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