Slideshow honors 50 years of history

June 12, 2019
The St. Kate's - St. Thomas School of Social Work Honors 50 years of collaboration

The Social Work programs at St. Catherine University and the University of St. Thomas have been a collaborative partnership for almost 50 years. With the graduating class of 2019, our joint programs have educated 4,692 graduates across the bachelors, masters and doctoral degree levels.

Built on a foundation of student-centered learning, community engagement and a deep commitment to social justice, our programs and our leaders have been pioneers in social work education. We – OUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY – have so much to be proud of!

The formal collaboration between our universities will end in late August of 2019, after which each university will offer its programs independently. More than anything, this change signals the strong commitment to social work programs on both campuses and the desire of each university to focus the next 50 years of their programs in their own unique ways that fit the mission and strategic priorities of each university.

This slide show was prepared for our final full-faculty meeting in May 2019 to honor the foundation we have built through our shared history, which has provided a solid launching pad for our graduates through the years – and provides the base from which our independent programs will grow and thrive.  We are proud to share it with our you, our community, HERE»

SSW 50 years of collaboration slideshow intro