"Sí, Yo Puedo Curricula" Accepted for Publication

September 1, 2015
Catherine Marrs Fuchel and community partners from Centro
Dr. Catherine Marrs Fuchsel, Roxana Linares and Maria Padilla (not pictured: Ana Abugattas and Leigh Hartenberg)

Congratulations to Dr. Catherine Marrs Fuchsel and her community partner, Centro, whose article,  "Sí, Yo Puedo Curricula: Latinas Examining Domestic Violence and Self," was accepted in Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work.

In describing the article, Dr. Fuchsel commented, "Centro and I applied the principles of community-based participatory research as a research framework and as I conducted the mixed-method study. I partnered and collaborated with Centro, the largest Latino community-based agency in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Centro has promoted culturally competent educational services to promote family well-being to the growing Latino population in Minnesota for the last 40 years."

Partnering with and responding to the needs of community-based agencies is an important priority for the St. Kate's - St. Thomas School of Social Work. We are also proud to highlight the contribution of  MSW graduate and fifth author, Leigh Hartenberg, who was Dr. Fuchsel's research assistant for 2 years and worked extensively with her on the research process and finalizing this article.

The five authors include:

  1. Catherine L. Marrs Fuchsel, PhD, LICSW, LCSW, St. Catherine University - University of St. Thomas School of Social Work
  2. Roxana Linares, MA, Executive Director, Centro
  3. Ana Abugattas, MS, LMFT, Private Practice
  4. Maria Padilla, Health and Wellness Coordinator, Centro
  5. Leigh Hartenberg, MSW '15, LGSW


In 2013-2014, a mixed-method study was conducted examining the experiences of 14 immigrant Latina women using a culturally specific curriculum: Sí, Yo Puedo. The purpose of using the curriculum among participants was to assess self-esteem and knowledge of healthy relationships, dating, and domestic violence. The curriculum is a two-hour, topic-specific educational program, conducted in Spanish, offered over a period of 11 weeks in a group format. Participants reported an increase in self-esteem and knowledge of domestic violence after completing the program. Implications include the promotion of a curriculum for mental health professionals who work with immigrant Latinas in community-based agencies.