Prof. Ande Nesmith and three student/alums publish in Child & Family Social Work

March 25, 2015
Prof. Ande Nesmith publishes with three student/alums in Child and Family Social Work

Prof. Ande Nesmith published research in Child & Family Social Work with Ruth Patton '14 MSW, Katie Christophersen '14 BSW, and Claire Smart, a senior in the BSW program. 

This is a three-year study of the Bridges Transitions Framework that reveals its effectiveness at helping foster youth cope with life transitions. The framework and strategies for implementation are presented. Post-training, youth were more confident about impending transitions, and post-discharge had higher levels of education and employment than other foster youth. Qualitative interviews with youth, foster parents, and social workers demonstrated that participants found the model to be useful and easy to apply.  Youth reported that it helped them normalize their experiences and manage their emotional reactions to change.

Nesmith, A., Patton, R., Christophersen, K., & Smart, C. (2015, in press).  Promoting Quality Parent-Child Visits: The Power of Relational Connections between Foster and Birth Parents.  Child & Family Social Work.