MSW Students Get Letters to the Editor Published

December 17, 2020

As part of the graduate social work policy course, students write letters to the editor for local publications about a current policy issue. Due to the volume of letters publications receive, getting these letters published is notoriously difficult.

However, this semester, four MSW students got their letters published, while another student’s advocacy led to the inclusion of additional resources in an existing piece. This achievement speaks not only to high-quality work of our students, but also to the passion with which they present their ideas.

Here are the letters published:

Additionally, Kenzie Libbesmeier helped persuade MPR to insert the "COVID-19 resources from the Karen Organization of Minnesota" link into an article on the passing of Marner Saw, a Minnesota Karen community leader.

The Morrison Family College of Health and the School of Social Work congratulate these students for their important public advocacy work.