Interprofessional Education Workshop Highlights Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

March 14, 2014 / By: Cindy Lorah
Interprofessional Education Workshop 2014
March 14 Interprofessional Education Workshop

Over two hundred students participated in this year’s IPE workshop, including all foundation-level Master of Social Work students. Each multi-disciplinary table participated in an interprofessional dialogue about a complex medical case and the perspective that each profession brings to the table. As School of Social Work clinical faculty member, Eva Solomonson, remarked, “participants gained a real appreciation for how much overlap there is between  professions and a much more concrete understanding of what each other do.”

MSW student participants commented on the value of the experience:

Kyle Murray: “It was nice to hear a validation of what social workers can bring to the table on an interprofessional team. For example, we had a great discussion about a social worker’s ability to assess what else might be going on with a patient that could be contributing to their non-compliance.”

Tara Reopelle: “No profession has all the answers. It’s important for us to remember that a particular profession may have more ability to help a client depending on where they are in their care, but this can change over time and it’s important for interprofessional teams to pay attention to the client’s evolving needs.”

Rebekah Elling: “This discussion brought out the voices of the other professionals and it was nice to see the shift in all disciplines towards being more person-centered.”

Jeanette Olson: “As a social worker, I found that I contributed the perspective of client self-determination. We can assess the situation, but we must recognize that our goals [as healthcare professionals] are not always our clients’ goals.”

Francois Vang: “It’s OK not to know everything. There’s a relief in knowing there are other professionals that you can draw on when caring for patients with complex needs.”