Felicia Sy, Ph.D., receives grants with BSW students, Comfort Dondo-Dewey and Danielle DeRose

May 1, 2014

UST Faculty Development Office has awarded Felicia Sy a 2014-2015 Research Grant. The Research Grant supports faculty engagement in and continuation of current scholarly work, in new directions in scholarship, or for large, multi-year projects. Sy’s research is titled: Dismantling Power and Privilege in Western Buddhism: Issues of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexual Orientation.


Felicia Sy and Comfort Dondo-Dewey, BSW student received a grant from the Assistantship Mentor Program (AMP) at St. Kate’s. These assistantships are high-level positions to provide students opportunities to work collaboratively with faculty and staff mentors, gaining professional experience through paid work.


Felicia Sy and Danielle DeRose, BSW student, received a Partnership in Learning (PIL) grant from the UST Faculty Development office which provides Danielle a Summer/Fall 2014 stipend to work in partnership in Dr. Sy’s research and a travel stipend to present the subsequent findings.