Expanding Study Abroad Opportunities

June 8, 2018
Melissa Lundquist visiting a clinic in Botswana 2018
Melissa Lundquist visits a clinic on her scouting trip to Botswana

Assistant professor Melissa Lundquist, PhD, has traveled across the globe in search of study abroad opportunities for social work students, something she has long been passionate about providing.

Historically, opportunities to take social work courses as part of a study abroad experience have been extremely limited.

“They can be really transformative,” Lundquist said.

Her search recently brought her to Botswana and South Africa, where she met with social work faculty at the University of Botswana and the University of Cape Town to explore offering study abroad courses within the major at the two schools. Lundquist said providing students with a global, cross-cultural perspective is extremely valuable in the social work field, and studying abroad teaches students to navigate a world different from their own.

“They’re going to face a lot of opportunities to work with people who are different from them,” Lundquist said. “And one thing a study abroad experience can do is give someone an opportunity to ... learn different perspectives, about their own profession, even.”

Lundquist plans on making the courses available soon for junior and senior BSW students.