DSW Professional Notes: Spring 2017

June 2, 2017

In addition to all of the congratulations and accolades going out to our DSW Class of 2017 (see First DSW Cohort Graduates article to read about these graduates and their banded dissertations), we want to acknowledge the scholarship and participation of all of our doctoral students. A dozen of our DSW students attended the Baccalaureate Program Directors (BPD) annual meeting in New Orleans, LA, in March 2017, many of them sharing research from their banded dissertations.  Examples of additional works of scholarship are shared below:

Marshelia Harris DSW '17: Tamburro, A. G. & Harris, M. (2016). Enhancing social work writing skills using project- based learning. Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work, 21(1) pp. 51-61.

Rebecca Hoffman DSW '18: Hoffman, R. L. (2017, March). Civic engagement through partnerships between social work educators and practitioners. Paper presented at the Minnesota Social Service Association 124th Annual Training Conference and Expo, Minneapolis, MN.

Terri Klemm DSW '18: Klemm, T. (2017, April). Social workers stand up for environmental justice. Social Work Day at the United Nations. New York City, NY.

Klemm, T. (2017, March). Stand up for environmental justice. Keynote speech presented at James Madison University School of Social Work Celebration, Harrisonburg, VA.

Susan Schmidt DSW '17: Schmidt, S. (2017). ‘They need to give us a voice’: Lessons from listening to unaccompanied Central American and Mexican children on helping children like themselves. Journal on Migration and Human Security, 5(1): 57-81. Retrieved from http://cmsny.org/publications/jmhs-give-us-a-voice/

Schmidt, S. (2017). Migration experts series: A conversation with Susan Schmidt [Video]. Center for Migration Studies. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCKQMvA87pY