August 23, 2014
Image of Doctorate in Social Work Cohort 1
DSW Cohort 1

The 20 students in our newly-launched DSW program said good-bye to campus on Friday and start the online component of their first course this week. 

The students, 12 of whom are from out-of-state, spent 3 days at the Oak Ridge Conference Center in Chaska, MN, for the program orientation, followed by an on-campus residency at the University of St. Thomas during their first class with Professor Jessica Toft.

At the closing reception, students commented on their residency experience:

  • "This has been so invigorating. The cobwebs in my brain are leaving."
  • "I survived and thrived"
  • "It’s so important to have these collegial relationships I can depend on."
  • "What we’re learning will feed immediately back into my own teaching."
  • "I’m enjoying having a community of people to do this work with."
  • "I was not up on technology – I had never used a discussion board or a wiki. Now I see it’s easy and I know I can use technology in my own classroom to help build community."
  • "There has been great modeling from the faculty and great compassion. This experience has already increased my empathy for my students."
  • "The unanticipated surprise was all of you [the cohort]. Living and breathing together. I think of this experience as 'DSW boot camp' with an amazing 'drill sergeant' in Jessica Toft!"

Select pictures from the residency can be found on the St. Kate's - St. Thomas School of Social Work Facebook page.