DSW Alum Dually Honored

February 20, 2019
Stephanie Grant ANG Civilian of Year

2018 DSW graduate, Stephanie Grant, serves as the 144th Fighter Wing’s Director of Psychological Health. In August, Dr. Grant was selected as the DPH of the Year for Region 4. View article HERE»

Dr. Grant has now received the additional honor of being named the Air National Guard Civilian of the Year. Congratulations Stephanie!

Courtesy Article, February Afterburner, a publication of the 144th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office
vol. 10, issue 2, February 2019

ANG’s Civilian of the Year: Dr. Stephanie Grant

By Senior Master Sgt. Christopher Drudge

The 144th Fighter Wing has always led the way from Red Flag exercises to Theater Support Package deployments. The Airmen of the Wing always go above and beyond. The accolades bestowed upon them are well deserved, but there is a small contingency of people that are often overlooked when it comes to the hard work they put forth, the civilian employees that work side by side with the Airmen.

This past month, one of our own, Dr. Stephanie Grant, was named Air National Guard Civilian of the Year. It is truly inspiring to see the dedication and hard work be recognized by the 144th and ANG.

Dr. Grant is the Wing’s Director of Psychological Health. She works closely with the Chaplain and Vice Commander to ensure that members receive the emotional and psychological support and care they need.

“I feel very humbled to have been selected as the ANG Civilian of the Year,” said Dr. Grant. “It is a privilege and honor to work here at the 144th supporting the amazing men and women that serve.”

“We are so proud and honored to have Stephanie on our 144th team! Her knowledge, dedication, and commitment to our mission is simply amazing – she is so deserving of this award, “ said Col. Dan Kelly, 144th Fighter Wing commander.

The Wing welcomed Dr. Grant to the guard family in June of 2015. It was a completely new experience for her and she admits there was a lot to learn from acronyms to language in the military world. From thebeginning, Dr. Grant was made to feel welcomed and at home by leadership and Airmen alike.

2018 was a particular busy year for our DPH. From the various exercises to Wingman Day, Dr. Grant made herself available to tend to the needs of more than 1,100 Airmen. On top of all the exercises and deployments from the Wing, she was also requested by name to provide total force support in the wake of Hurricane Michael at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.

“I worked with 1st Air Force as part of the contingency team and saw firsthand incredible strength and commitment despite huge loss and destruction,” said Grant. “I saw the strength and resilience of the human spirit!”

This past year also marked the beginning of Dr. Grant’s voluntary military service. After hearing Col. Carl Fabrizio, California State Military Reserve’s 144th Support Group commander, speak during the Wing’s last super drill, she decided that the CSMR could give her the opportunity to volunteer and broaden her horizons as a Behavioral Health Officer alongside her amazing colleagues, the men and women of the 144th FW.

“Putting on the uniform once a month gives me a tiny window into what it is like for Airmen every day,” said Grant. “I am learning to make sure I have my cover on and items in my left hand when I go outside!”

The next time you see Dr. Stephanie Grant walking around, take the time to congratulate her on the distinguished accomplishment of being selected as the ANG’s 2018 Civilian of the Year.

“The respect I have for the members at the 144th continues to grow with each new day, week, and year. During my short tenure here at the Wing, I am inspired and motivated to bring my best game through the countless examples I’ve witnessed here!” said Grant. “I look to our future with excitement and anticipation as we embark on the journey ahead of us one step, one day at a time!"