Congratulations to School of Social Work honorees at the NASW-MN Annual Conference

June 6, 2014
NASW-MN VP, Jessica Toft
Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Toft, newly-elected NASW-MN VP!

At the National Association of Social Work–MN annual conference June 5 & 6, both student awards went to St. Kate’s – St. Thomas School of Social Work students.  Congratulations to NASW-MN BSW Student of the Year, Shanea Turner Smith, and MSW Student of the Year, Elisabeth Wells. In addition, Professor Jessica Toft was elected as the new Vice-President of NASW-MN. 

NASW-MN MSW student of the year, Elisabeth Wells    ‌Nominating faculty member, Jane Hurley Johncox, with Elisabeth Wells, NASW-MN MSW Student of the Year
NASW-MN BSW student of the year, Shanea Turner Smith and Katharine Hill    Professor Katharine Hill with Shanea Turner Smith, NASW-MN BSW Student of the Year
Jessica Toft elected as NASW-MN VP    Newly-elected NASW-MN Vice President, Jessica Toft