Congratulations to DSW alum Stephanie Grant

September 20, 2018 / By: Afterburner newsletter
DSW alum Stephanie Grant receives DPH award, August 2018
Grant receives DPH award at the National Guard Bureau in July in Washington, DC

Courtesy Article, August Afterburner, a publication of the 144th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office
vol. 9, issue 7, August 2018

Director of Psychological Health Honored

The 144th Fighter Wing’s Director of Psychological Health, Dr. Stephanie Grant, was selected as the DPH of the Year for Region 4. She actively supports the commander’s leadership team in addressing the psychological health of the wing reflecting her commitment to service, continued growth through education, and active leadership--all aimed at improving and sustaining a ready force.

Dr. Grant is an experienced leader in her field and recently completed a doctoral degree. Her completed dissertation entitled Military Social Work: Utilizing Interprofessional Practice and Education to Increase Efficacy reinforces her dedication to serving airmen. Over the past 18 months, she was featured at three peer-reviewed national social work conferences highlighting her work to foster resilience and psychological health. She recently partnered with the Army Behavioral Health Officer and Fresno State University to develop a  workshop for community therapists to increase qualified referral sources.

Dr. Grant has served as the Wing’s Suicide Prevention manager since August, 2015, leading the program to 100% compliance in the 2017 Unit Effectiveness Inspection. In March, she briefed 1200 airmen emphasizing the importance of fostering pre-deployment resilience and mental health wellness strategies. Dr. Grant also serves as the Community Action Team Chair and leads the Disaster Mental Health team, actively engaging with leadership, Family Readiness, Chaplains, EO, IG, Medical, First Sergeants, and community providers seeking innovative strategies to improve resilience and prevention as well as implementing an effective collaborative crisis response.

This year Dr. Grant acquired a military facility therapy dog named Paige to be her partner in building relationships with Airmen. She is Paige’s primary handler, and has 10+ proven cases of members reporting reduced depression and anxiety directly due to interaction with the wing therapy dog. Dr. Grant attended Red Flag at Nellis AFB supporting the airmen in this mission essential exercise in a field environment. In January 2018, while actively serving the 200 Airmen at Sentra Aloha, she was able to respond to an emergency situation and mitigate negative consequences for an airman in the field.

Due to Dr. Grant’s innovative strategies and active efforts, she has experienced an increase in consultations and cases by 50 percent in the past year--greatly improving wing medical readiness.