May 21, 2018
St. Kate's - St. Thomas DSW Class of 2018 Graduation at St. Catherine University May 19, 2018

All 20 members of the St. Kate's - St. Thomas Doctorate in Social Work Class of 2018 attended the graduation ceremony on May 19 at St. Catherine University.  We are proud to list the DSW Class of 2018, listed with their Banded Dissertation titles:

Teresa Beadlescomb, Mich.
Examining Influencing Factors on the Intent to Persist by BSW Students of Color

Lisa Borneman, Minn.
Implications for Youth Identified on a Criminal Justice-based List

Stephanie Bradford, Ohio
Social Work Ethics and Organizational Culture: A Gap in Social Work Education and Social Work Field Education

Denetria Brooks-James, La.
Perceptions among Faculty Members of Adolescent Bullying: Implication for African American Males

Shannon Cassidy Cousineau, Mass.
Faith Spirituality and Social Work Education: An Exploration Into the Quest for Integration

Quincy Dinnerson, N.C.
Factors African-American Men Identify as Hindering the Completion of a Graduate (MSW) Degree

Mindy Eaves, Ky.
Self-Care: A Model of Prevention & Sustainability in Social Work Practice

Laura Escobar-Ratliff, Ky.
Enhancing the Effectiveness of Assertive Community Treatment with People of Color: Practice & Theory

Angela M. Goins, Texas
Geriatric Social Work Education from Early Beginnings to Future Prospects

Stephanie Grant, Calif.
Military Social Work: Utilizing Interprofessional Practice and Education to Increase Efficacy

Amanda Greubel, Iowa
Benevolent Sexism: Manifestations in American Social Systems

Rebecca Hoffman, Minn.
Advancing Social Welfare Policy Through Critical Social Work Education and Practice

Janet Holter, Wisc.
Development of Professional Identity in Social Work Education

Terri Klemm, N.J.
Civic Engagement and Social Action in Social Work Education

Sky Niesen Smith, Minn.
Social Work’s Dynamic Role in Oncology: Providing Leadership for Environmental Responsiveness

Debi Thibeault, N.C.
Developing Transformational Curriculum to Educate Social Worker Students About Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Knowledges

Andrew Thompson, Minn.
Achieving Optimal Volition and Well-Being: Facilitating Movement Along the Motivational Continuum Through Self-Determination Theory

Amy Williams, Wis.
Tribal Sovereign Status: Conceptualizing its Integration Into the Social Work Curriculum

Carey A. Winkler, Minn.
Amplifying LGBTQ Voices in Social Work Education & Practice

Judy Zimbelman, S.D.
The Impact of Ethical Issues on Parenting in Rural Social Work

DSW class of 2018 graduates’ Banded Dissertation abstracts and products will be available to view by fall 2018 at: