BSW student and veteran Andrew Qualy highlighted on NBC Sports

February 22, 2016
BSW senior Andrew Qualty founded the Minnesota Warriors hockey program for returning military veterans
Senior BSW student, Andrew Qualy

In 2010, Qualy founded the Minnesota Warriors, a hockey program for military veterans, that is getting national attention for this senior social work student.

After being injured in Iraq in 2006, Andrew Qualy spent months rehabilitating from his injuries. Once home, he struggled with re-assimilating to civilian life, but found strength in returning to the ice playing hockey. As he states in the interview with NBC, hockey helped him find the motivation to not only be on the ice, but to take care of himself off of the ice.  In the interview, he describes how the team helps its members "be able to normalize." "It's like group therapy on steroids," states Qualy. 

On Sunday, February 21, NBC Sports broadcast the story about Andrew which can be viewed HERE»

Fox Sports also did a story about Qualy in 2014, which can be seen HERE»