Become a Student Mentor!

July 26, 2017
St. Kate's - St. Thomas School of Social Work

Mentor-mentee matching opportunities open to the ENTIRE School of Social Work (SSW) Community.

The University of St. Thomas is launching a new online mentoring platform through PeopleGrove. This new tool will allow the SSW to expand mentor-mentee matching opportunities to our entire community.  In addition to alumni of St. Thomas, we can now invite "FRIENDS" to join the mentoring community as well. This includes St. Kate's alums, current MSW students (to mentor undergrads) and our greater SSW professional community.

Help us provide a robust network of alumni and community partners to help support our social work students (both BSW and MSW) and other undergraduate students considering a career in social work or human services! Mentors should register by the end of August.

Once students start registering to participate in the mentoring program in September, we will open this opportunity to BSW students at BOTH St. Thomas and St. Kate's (any student with a St. Thomas email address can join), as well as to our MSW students. 

Current MSW students may elect to sign up as a mentor to an undergraduate student. This would be a great way to support undergraduate students considering clinical social work! OR, in September, MSW students can sign up to be a mentee and be matched with a mentor from our community. 

Student-Alumni Mentoring FAQs


Registration for Mentors in the Student-Alumni Mentoring Program:

  • Step One: Create an account on the new PeopleGrove mentoring platform. It's easy and takes only a few minutes!
    • Please note that Internet Explorer is NOT supported by the new mentoring platform. For the best user experience, please use Firefox or Google Chrome.
    • Registration Tips:
      • Input "University of St. Thomas" not "St. Thomas University" or "UST" as appropriate
      • They highly recommend that you add a photo in the "About You" section of registration.
      • Select "yes" when asked if you are joining a formal mentorship program. Then select "Student-Alumni Mentoring" from the drop down option.
      • NOTE: "interests" are listed alphabetically, so look for Human Services / Social Work
      • NOTE: If you are not a St. Thomas alum, there may be a registration delay as the alumni office confirms that you are a member of our larger community network
  • Step Two: Hang tight! Students will begin joining the platform starting Sept. 6, 2017. Once they do so, they will have until Oct. 3 to search through the mentor database to select their mentors.
  • Step Three: You will receive an email message when a student is requesting you as a mentor. Please log in to the mentoring platform and review the student's profile, and either accept or politely decline the request, depending on if you think you will be a good fit for the student.
  • Step Four: Attend the Student-Alumni Mentoring kickoff dinner on Nov. 2 and connect with your mentee in person!
  • Step Five: Continue to connect with your mentee! We ask that you connect with your mentee at least once a month in person or via phone, email or Skype.


  • July/August: Mentors join the program.
  • September: Mentees join the program and select their mentors.
    • - Once a mentee selects a mentor and the mentor accepts, the mentorship begins!
  • Oct. 10, 12 : Student orientation (need to attend only one of these dates).
  • Nov. 2: Student-Alumni Mentoring kickoff dinner

Questions about the program? Email Jenna Johnson, UST alumni relations