Alicia Moder, BSW '14, participates in St. Kate's Papal Visit in Rome

March 31, 2014
Alicia Moder, BSW Student, with St. Kate's papal visit in Rome
St. Kate's Catholic Rome Pilgrimage to Rome

‌During spring break 2014, 28 students from St. Catherine University participated in a Papal Audience with Pope Francis in St Peter’s Square as part of the “Catholic Rome Pilgrimage with Sister Andrea.” Among the pilgrims was BSW student, Alicia Moder, who shared these thoughts:

“The experience that got to me the most was the feeling of solidarity with thousands of others in St. Peter's Square, being present to each other and creating a community of pilgrims from all parts of the world. Pope Francis has truly challenged our world, and it is a wonderful feeling to see so many people accepting his challenge. After the Angelus, and after some major reflection, I came up with this: When you find yourself at the head of a community, by choice or by happenstance, this does not mean that you are the ‘big boss’; it means, instead, that you are at the service of the entire community. You take stewardship over this community that you love but do not 'lord' over it. We find these same directions in social work’s Code of Ethics; our job is to solve problems and create social change. It is very important to do these in balance and not choose one over the other. . . If we are to do our best work, then we need to trust in our own strengths and take the advice we offer our clients. By celebrating ourselves, we will find a peace that will benefit everyone we come into contact with, especially our clients”.